One year and one half in tokyo

Praise for "DENDO"

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"Dendo" is the Japanese word for "missionary work." DENDO: One Year and One Half in Tokyo is the daily journal of a sister missionary in Tokyo, Japan—kept entirely in comic pages. Sister Long visually documents her adventures from the Provo Missionary Training Center to the busy streets of Japan as she overcomes the language, learns to love the people, and finds in her faith inner strength to face the everyday challenges of a full-time missionary. Combining humor, observations about Japanese culture, and insights about faith and interpersonal relationships, DENDO is a real look at what it means to be a missionary today.

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about the author

DENDO won the 2015 Association for Mormon Letters award, Comics category. "A wonderful blending of the modern missionary narrative mixed with a traditional comic style, humor, and feel-good moments....simple and elegant illustration in a unique and transcendent experience. " - Association for Mormon Letters

"One of the most unique, humorous and genuinely insightful glimpses out there into what it means to be a full-time missionary...Life in the mission field isn't always sunshine and baptisms. Her optimism, self-deprecating wit and ability to always find the spiritual silver lining are just a few reasons this book is a joy to read." - Jeff Peterson, Deseret News



Brittany Long Olsen is an LDS cartoonist and illustrator. She's been making daily journal comics  since 2008, which can be found at Check out the tag "RM adventures" to see comics about how missionary work in Japan changed her life since coming home.

Visit Brittany Long Olsen's online portfolio to see more cartoons, LDS illustrations and  information about commissions.